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Nearly 50 banks and financial institutions put their trust in us!

For some thirty years, CERGI SA's solutions have been used by financial institutions.

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Presentation of the IBIS software

The IBIS "Integral Banking Information System" software package is an ERP that processes operations of banks and financial institutions as practised in French-speaking African countries. in French-speaking African countries. It has been designed since 1991 by a team of seasoned IT specialists under the technical guidance of eminent bankers.
The result of more than three decades of research and development, IBIS is now used by around fifty banks and financial institutions. fifty banks and financial institutions. It consists of more than four thousand (4000) tasks grouped into one hundred (100) thematic modules that can be interfaced with all the Core Systems around ten or so areas of interest.


CERGI SA has focused on developing and marketing its IBIS banking management software package. It has made IBIS one of the most comprehensive products on the African financial market, processing all the operations of banking and similar institutions. operations of banking and similar institutions.


Greater security and reliability for banking transactions thanks to paperless systems dematerialisation, password management and reduced risk of input errors.


Strict adherence to central bank compliance rules, thereby reducing the risks of non-compliance, such as administrative sanctions and financial losses


Broad coverage of the bank's main business lines. The software package is designed to meet the needs of banks of all sizes, from small local banks to large international banks.


Facilitates system capacity expansion as the bank grows grows, manage business expansion more effectively and reduce development and maintenance costs.


A team of technical experts available 24/7 to answer your questions and solve your problems. We offer you personalised assistance tailored to your needs.


Accessible and usable by a wide audience, regardless of location, language or culture language or culture and comply with local regulations on data protection, confidentiality and security.


A user-friendly, intuitive interface that is fully responsive, tried and tested, and the user needs and expectations during design and development.


Requires very little equipment and specialised personnel, and consumes very little paper (PaperLess), low installation and maintenance costs.

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